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This project shows how a crowd puller can exist in a small area, and still produce a unique design. The challenge of this project is to create a compact and intense design in an area of less than 1 ha.

Being inspired by ‘The Road to El Dorado’ by Dreamworks Pictures, ‘El Dorado Waterpark’ uses South American architectural style. In order to create a unique and different experience, we created a “story board” which is located in the lazy river.

The limited budget of this project doesn’t allow us to rely heavily on sophisticated technology, but rather on the theme and the experience that it gives to the customer. The strength of this park lies in the theme, details, and ornaments.


Legenda Wisata Cibubur, West Java


Sinar Mas Land


4500 sqm

Building Area:

700 sqm

Design Scope:

Concept Design-Schematic Design, 2001

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