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Grand Pakuwon is located in Tandes, Surabaya and is flanked by the Surabaya - Gresik toll road on the north side and Jl. Raya Banjarsugihan on the south side. In the east there is a warehouse area, while in the western part is still empty land.

Grand Pakuwon is planned to have malls and apartments housed on the north side to capture traffic from toll roads. In the western part, the whole lot is lined with green line. This green line is a preventive measure to secure the road trace if there is any future development in the western part. Early facilities and activities such as Food Junction Grand Pakuwon were built first in the south to capture the interest of the people around.

The location of Grand Pakuwon which is blooming with the coastal area becomes an issue behind the use of polder system as a preventive measure to prevent flooding and become an independent area that can reach zero delta run off. Polder system is realized by placing a lake that surrounds a housing cluster intended to be a premium housing on Grand Pakuwon. In addition to its role in the environment, polder system also functions as a water feature on Grand Pakuwon.


Surabaya, East Java


Pakuwon Group


334 Ha


Design Scope:

Master Plan Design, 2013

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