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Cyber City is a lively integrated urban mixed-use destination offering a new perspective of life with variety of services and ever-changing entertainment. This sustainable eco-friendly city center features a network of luscious landscaped and shaded pathways that allows residents and visitors to meander through a series of parks and experience outdoor dining and entertainment as well as myriad retail shopping options. The green pedestrian network system connects one place to another within the city.

As an integrated means of work, live and play, Cyber City also offers ample office space, roomy apartment, opulent clusters of landed house with enticing clubhouse, a luxury hotel, a spacious convention center, a vibrant lifestyle center with al fresco dining options, entertainment and much more. The diversity makes Cyber City an attractive gathering place, which will entice people to come and stay, or to visit again.


Banten, West Java


Metropolitan Land


55 Ha

Design Scope:

Master Plan Design, 2010

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