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Public response toward development of an area is expected to be consistent with the goal of the planning. For this reason we try to apply consumer’s aspiration on the normative site plan in North Jakarta.

40% of North Jakarta's areas are below sea level. For this reason, 6-7% of the existing land was turned into polders. Not only does these polders prevent flooding, it also gives added value to the existing development.

North Jakarta is also heavily influenced by Chinese culture which has unique beliefs regarding building layouts. We accommodate the market by using grid pattern. This grid pattern allows us to avoid making houses that are considered taboo by the locals.

The existence of brand gang that is located in the residential unit also gives this development some added value. Pedestrians are able to use it as a path toward the jogging track that is located near the polder.


Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


Agung Sedayu Group


100 Ha

Design Scope:

Site Plan Design, 2005

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