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Located in East BSD, Vishaya raised the premium residential concept that is expected to lift the overall quality of the region. The issue of high contour differences is an important consideration in designing. The western part is the lowest point of the site which also faces the Cisadane River. The premium lot is placed in this area because it has the best view with a 125 meter free building distance. On the other hand, larger-sized lots are placed on the eastern side which is the site's highest point to maintain the premium housing concept.

The location of the clubhouse is placed in the center so it is easy to reach from any direction. With contoured soil, local atmosphere like Bali is presented to lift the values of the archipelago.

The entrance using waving system to prevent the occurrence of crossing between the main road and the collector road. To disguise the height difference, the slope of the road is made as small as possible. On the other hand, reforestation is also used to cover lower road levels. This needs to be done to manage the altitude perception that is closely related to the selling point.


BSD, Tangerang


Sinar Mas Land


13.5 Ha

Design Scope:

Master Plan, Main Gate, Club House Design

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