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People’s request are usually unique and different from each other. A big dense city needs an open green area and a place of tranquility. Meanwhile small cities which tend to be peaceful and quiet wish for an excitement and exhilarating experience. The second one is about to come in the city of Samarinda. IQ is bringing the urban excitement in Jakarta to Samarinda.

In its development, architects plan a waterfront area with direct contact with a body of water. In this central area, a water park and a hang out area was created. The main access to Grand City is a circular road that goes around a valley. With a development of shop housing with a 5 meters pedestrian road, we hope to give an exciting atmosphere to this region.


Balikpapan, East Borneo


Sinar Mas Land


150 Ha

Design Scope:

Master Plan Design, 2005

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