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The challenge of the Mediterania Marina Residence project is the insufficient land space and unattractive surrounding area. In the North side, is an unfinished project and high voltage electric lines, while in the South side, there are existing roadways, which includes a fly over.

Both, the North-side and South-side of the project has an attractive view. There is a sea view on the North of the project, and a city view on the South of the project. With this condition, it is hard to obtain optimum view for the whole building. We solved this problem by designing v-shaped towers, that will allow each room to face either North or South. This design also allows us to build a swimming pool facilities with different themes between each towers.


Ancol, Jakarta


Agung Podomoro Group


Site Area:

2.5 Ha

Building Area:

161.000 sqm

Design Scope:

Concept Design - Detail Drawing, 2004


PT. Megatika International

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