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There are times when legal aspect can be used to create an unusual design solution. In the case of Mediterania Lagoon Residence, there was a problem with a regulation of free-building-distance regarding to the height of the building. We took advantage of this regulation and created a dynamic design by reducing the height of the two buildings on the opposite sides.

This approach enables both buildings to have an appealing view; a pool view for the inner side of the building, and a city view for the outer side of the building. This design also allows us to place semi-private elevators for each segment that can give additional security and privacy feature for the residents.


Slipi, Jakarta


Agung Podomoro Group

Site Area:

0.8 Ha

Building Area:

57.365 sqm

Design Scope:

Concept Design - Detail Drawing, 2005


PT. Megatika International

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