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Edutainment Taman Dayu exist as a melting point between the resident and locals around it. It is a place where education and entertainment/ recreation are integrated into one. With the hospitality support of Ciputra Group, we hope Taman Dayu to become a learning destination at the weekends, and also weekdays.

The 3 km long site is divided into five different zone which represents 5 continents; with each zone being filled with different architectural building from its continent. Visitors will be able to milk cows, play with cattles, and enjoy a cup of warm milk in the middle of cool mountain weather, while being in the Australian zone. Visitors will be able to walk through an art gallery in the European zone. The Afrikan zone will be filled with petting zoo and decorative plants. Visitors will be able to experience Asian culinary culture, and see noodles and milk tea being made. By being an open theme park and having a festive atmosphere, the American zone is hoped to be the peak of the recreation experience.


Malang, East Java


Ciputra Group



600 Ha

Design Scope:

Concept Design-Schematic Design, 2004

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