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Being inspired from the story of 1001 night, and designed based on Middle Eastern architecture, ‘Citra Raya Waterpark’ creates recreative atmosphere. With many facilities around this project, ‘Citra Raya Waterpark’ becomes a prominent tourist spot and destination in East Java.

A sufficient land space makes “The Adventure of 1001 nights” possible to be recreated by architects. Using a “key hole” analogy, the entrance gate becomes a point of interest for visitors. ‘Citra Raya Waterpark’ has 3 kinds of pool, kids pool, adult pool, and a 430m stream pool. Other features include, a 15m slide, a jumping tower, and a giant bucket of 5m2 water that is ready to be poured at any time. Details and ornaments in every part of the park richen the atmosphere of waterpark with the theme of ‘Sindbad Adventure.’


Citra Raya Surabaya, East Java


Ciputra Group

Building Area:

4000 sqm

Design Scope:

Concept Design-Schematic Design, 2003



Ciputra Team, Litac-Lighting Consultant, Budi Kurnia-Landscaper,

Arianto-Recreation specialist.

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