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The hope of ‘Kota Bunga’ as a tourist destination in Puncak has been achieved. It can be said that if a person hasn’t gone to ‘Kota Bunga’, he/ she hasn’t gone to Puncak. Even though the location of ‘Kota Bunga’ is unfavorable, since it’s located in the back side of Puncak, it has been successful in being a market leader in its location.

With its gondola facility, visitors are able to enjoy the scenery of Little Venice. Other than that, on new year’s eve, Little Venice becomes a tourist destination for its fireworks, with its light being reflected on the surface of the water.


Kota Bunga, Puncak, West Java


Sinar Mas Land


0,5 Ha

Design Scope:

Concept Design-Schematic Design, 2003

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