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Located in Samarinda Seberang, which is an undeveloped area (not as crowded as Samarinda City), BSD Samarinda only has access to existing road on the north side (Jl. Bung Tomo) and away from Mahakam bridge. In response to the issue, we propose to make direct access to the south side (Jl. Apt. Pranoto) so that there is closer access to the Mahakam Bridge and Samarinda City. Access to the south is also aimed at improving the image and quality of economic value of the region which of course will also increase the sale value of BSD Samarinda area.

Inside the area, collector roads are made sterile and green, meaning that all residential lots are within the cluster area and no plots have direct access from the collector road. This is an attempt to maintain the visual quality of the collector road of BSD Samarinda region and is a form of development anticipation, if the developer wants to sell a more diverse range of products (high end residential). The addition of a lake that extends from north to south is aim to give the best view and experience on the collector road.


Samarinda, East Borneo


Sinar Mas Land


80 Ha


Design Scope:

Master Plan Design, 2013

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