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Not only can a well planned public area perform as an open green space, it can also gives an added value to the region so that it can be a destination. Being located along Cisadane river for 7km, with 50 meter border line along the river, gives meaning to the project.

The Cisadane River has a potential to be the main concept of the project. Not only does this arrangement allows for public spaces along the river, it also allows us to make a commercial area that spreads horizontally with the supporting sector.

Public space will be located in potential zones where three main roads passes through horizontally and divide the public space into three sub zones. The theme: Mind, Body, and Soul, that reflects aligned with nature, is hoped to give a distinct identity to each zones.


BSD Tangerang


Sinar Mas Land


700 Ha, DAS 35 Ha

Design Scope:

Concept Design, 2007

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